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Monday, March 26, 2007

Life Imitates Art

When I work out at Chez Isaac, I tend to watch Seinfeld DVDs. The show is perhaps the funniest of all time, and it just holds up so well. As I have seen each episode several times, I also enjoy watching it with "Notes About Nothing," the written commentary that accompanies each episode. So last week I watched the Soup Nazi Episode which is also the Schmoopie episode. (For those who don't remember, Schmoopie is the nickname that Jerry and his girlfriend call each other much to the consternation of George and Elaine.) Well, thanks to Notes About Nothing I learned that Schmoopie was played by none other than Alexandra Wentworth, i.e., Mrs. George Stephanopoulos.

So Mrs. Bartender and I decide to have a date night on Friday at BLT Steak. (The food was unbelievable but, be warned, the meal will cost you a fortune.) And who is sitting in the restaurant, but George and Schmoopie. I was so tempted to say "Hi, Schmoopie," but I managed to hold myself back.



Blogger Bailey Quarters said...

So you watch tv and read while you work out? Impressive.

I somehow missed the fact that BLT Steak opened in DC. Where is it? And more importantly, how does it compare to Rays?

3/26/2007 9:14 PM  
Blogger Isaac, your bartender said...

BLT Steak opened a few months ago, and it is on I Street between 16th and 17th. Prior to eating there, I would have said Rays was the best steak in DC, but I now give the nod to BLT Steak. However, and it is a big however, BLT Steak is twice the price of Rays. The Mrs. and I got the porterhouse for 2, which was $79 and comes with nothing. (And don't even ask about the Kobe Beef, which is $26/ounce with a five ounce minimum.)

3/27/2007 11:59 AM  

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