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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar ramblings

I'll just include some general thoughts on the Oscars. My hope is to include a fashion post at some point today, although with Blogger rarely letting me post photos anymore, who knows.

My top two moments of the night:

1.) The Scorsesce win. Of course. I thought this was a generally kind of boring Oscars, but that was a great moment. Although, it really seemed that the Speilberg/Lucas/Coppolla trifecta was presenting specifically so they could give the award to Marty. But what if he hadn't won?

2.) After Melissa Ethridge sang, the camera panned to Queen Latifa, then Jessica Beil, then Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, all of whom have been rumored to be gay. Coincidence?

My other thoughts, in chronological order.

Penelope Cruz often complains when people say she is from Mexico rather than Spain, and Ellen did it. When the camera panned to her, she really didn't look too happy. Of course, Ellen did correct herself later in the broadcast, but I thought the whole thing was funny.

The color mint doesn't work on very many people at all. Kate Winslet looked washed out, and Beyonce, who obviously has much darker skin, couldn't pull it off either (the dresses were also similar in style, with the one shouldered thing going on). I thought Beyonce looked a lot better in the maroon dress she wore for her Dreamgirls performance.

Speaking of clothing, Nicole Kidman looks incredibly tall and thin in her dress, but the shoulder flower is so Charlize Theron 2006 and she really needs to stop with the Botox. So much has been written about this, and yet she continues to do it. Why?

When the interpretive dancers became the Oscar someone's knee was sticking out, leaving a spot of light to filter through (someone to the left) which really kind of ruined the effect.

The Ferrell, Black and Rielly song ("Helen Mirren will be Coming Home with Me") was legitimately funny, and probably one of my favorite moments of the night. And they are right, Helen Mirren really is hot. It's amazing.

Don't they have everyone practice their presenting lines? Poor little Jaden Pinkett Smith messed up more than once. Obviously, he's also a little kid. Abigan Breslin helped out nicely, though. And I thought it was funny when Jaden walked out on stage, way ahead of Abigail, and it looked like Will Smith yelling at him to slow down.

The guy who won the short award for "West Bank Story" is really good looking.

The Sound effects choir was really cool.

Did my TV go out when Kinnear was talking or did he get bleeped by the ten second delay?

Is it me, or is Jessica Beil being shoved down our throats lately? I haven't seen The Illusionist, but isn't it the only legitimate film she has eer been in? Other than that she has what, that movie with Freddie Prinze, Jr.? I don't get it.

Rachel Weisz (presenting Best Supporting Actor to Alan Arkin) is really beautiful. Sometimes you don't notice it, but other times it's right in your face.

Cameron Diaz looks really good. The dark hair really works with her. She also doesn't seem as wasted as she usually does at awards shows.

Why is Tom Hanks still sporting the Da Vinci Code hair?

I didn't think the Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt bit was funny, but for Streep.

Gwenyth Paltrow's dress is ugly and her hair, slung over one shoulder, is a bit ridiculous. Did she and Kidman go to the same stylist?

Naomi Watts doesn't look all that good in yellow.

A montage of foreign film award winners makes me realize I have not seen many foreign films.

Jennifer Hudson wins for Best Supporting Actress (despite the fact that her role was obviously a lead--it surprises me I haven't seen more complaints about this), gets up and hugs Beyonece. Interestingly, I didn't see Eddie Murphy, who had been sitting in one of the seats between the two. Did he leave after he lost? Unfortunately, Jennifer had to invoke God. Yes, because God hates Abigail Breslin, Rinko Kukuchi and Adrianna Barrasso. He might not hate Cate Blanchett, since she already has an Oscar. It is nice to see someone so very excited, though. (Although I don't think she will have acting success long-term--I think this was a role that fit her well, and I don't expect we'll see much more of her in film.) She was so excited that when Clooney gave her the envelope, she didn't even seem impressed that it was Clooney.

Gael Garcia Bernal's "long or short, it's what you do with it that counts" joke went over like a lead balloon. He's cuter without glasses.

The Botox in Jerry Seinfeld's forehead is just creepy. It's strange when part of a comedian's face doesn' move that much. At least his forehead moved minutely, which is better than last time I saw him on "Oprah."

Al Gore wins an Oscar. It never ceases to amaze me how pudgy he has become. I guess if the election had been stolen from me I would have gorged on food as well.

Celine Dion! Let's hope for some cheese. Unfortunately...none. Boo.

The guy sitting behind Nicholson does not think Ellen is funny. He keeps rolling his eyes at her jokes, which we see often since there is apparently some sort of rule that the camera must pan to Jack every five minutes.

I like the way they presented the nominees for the screenplay awards, with the direction read by the presenters.

The women from Dreamgirls are performing. Jennifer Hudson looks really good in that red dress. Although I think I caught a glimpse of her bra. Actually, more than a glimpse. It's now part of the outfit. Couldn't someone have aped her in? The third song they sing, "Patience," is really pretty bad. I can't imagine it will win.

Per usual, Queen Latifah looks great. Whoever does her clothes (I know Bradley Bayou did a slate blue-grey dress she wore a few years ago) does a great job. I'm sure much credit should go to her stylist as well.

Oh my god--Jodie Foster at the Oscars. I feel like I haven't seen her in forever. She is really pretty, and her dress is beautiful. Jodie is still the wearer of my favorite Oscar dress, a long-sleeved, hand-beaded, form fitting Armani from 10-15 years ago.

Jodie is presenting the list of the dead. James Dohan, Peter Boyle were in a dead heat for loudest applause, until Robert Altman's photo came up. He beat them in a landslide. Be adequite.

Philip Seymour Hoffman presenting Best Actress--I guess he took a page from the Peter Jackson style book and decided not to brush his hair for the Oscars. I'm a little baffled by Helen Mirren's "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the queen!" at the end of her speech. Huh?

Reese Witherspoon, presenting Best Actor, looks cute, although her chin is even more prominent than usual. Peter O'Toole looked a little disappointed that he didn't win. Whittaker really seems overwhelmed, and his wife looks so emotional for him. It's sweet.

Nicholson and Diane Keaton presenting Best Picture. This might be the best Keaton has looked since The Godfather. The dress is amazing on her, and it's nice tht she's not wearing any gloves.

And Best Picture goes to The Departed. Which I really need to watch.

That's it. Fashion post (hopefully) to follow.



Blogger Sally-Anne said...

The Kinnear thing was a planned joke because he was badmouthing sound editors.

Also, as soon as Ellen implied that Penelope was from Mexico I shouted at the TV, "Spain, you idiot!" And even though she said later that "She's from Spain, I know that, everyone knows that," I don't think she did know.

2/26/2007 3:42 PM  
Blogger I am a Miranda said...

I thought Reese looked the best she's ever looked.

And what about poor Peter O'Toole? Did you see his disappointed face when he didn't win? I felt bad...until Forest Whitaker came on all excited and humble and made me feel all warm inside.

And what about that horrible montage that began the show? How bad (and too long) was that? I miss Billy Crystal.

2/26/2007 6:25 PM  

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