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Monday, January 22, 2007

Mr. Tony Meets Mr. Snyder?

Rumors are flying that Tony Kornheiser's radio show will be returning to DC on Triple X ESPN radio. A "big announcement" will take place this afternoon during the Riggins show, and the radio station is claiming, "Guess who's back, and we got him." The obviously implication is that it is Mr. Tony--although his working for the Redskins/Snyder could spell the end of his days with the Post (although he wasn't really with the Post anymore any way). We wil know soon enough, but a source will neither confirm nor deny that Tony's show will be coming back to Triple X.

Update: Okay, so I was half right. It looks like the big announcement was simply that PTI is going to be broadcast on Triple X at 7pm every night. Bailey will be excited.



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