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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globe fashions

My thoughts on a few dresses from last night's show.

Jennifer Love Hewitt. She never looks effortless. And if she's going to try so hard, couldn't she manage to wear something that isn't hideous? It's overdone ballgown after overdone ballgown with her, and they are never flattering. This is the woman for whom John Mayer wrote "Your Body is a Wonderland." Surely she could show it off better.

Reese Witherspoon. I'm sure this will be one of the night's controversial choices. I actually liked it. It looked a bit informal, but if her goal was to look young and very thin, she succeeded. And her shoes are amazing.

Jessica Biel. Okay, we get it. You like your butt. It sticks out. People think it's sexy. I am all for playing up your assets, but this is getting a little tedious. Maybe next time you can forgo the clingy, butt-hugging style? Take a cue from...

Jennifer Lopez. If anyone is known for her backside, it's J. Lo. And she plays it up often. But not every time.

Vanessa Williams. I loved everything about this (except the fur). I truly believe that Vanessa Williams knows how campy her show and character are, and she is playing it up with get-ups like this. Hysterical.

Salma Hayek. I was disappointed. She looked better in that aqua dress on last week's episode of Ugly Betty. The asymmetry on the bodice of the dress, as well as the overall cut, make Salma look squat instead of hot. And the shoes look really trashy--the platform is too high and they just look cheap.

Helen Mirren. She always looks amazing. And I really, really want the stone in that necklace.

Tina Fey. I thought she looked really cute, particularly her hair and makeup.

Cameron Diaz. I actually liked the dress. I thought it was cute and fun and she pulled it off. I also love her hair darker. But I hated this lipstick. Her mouth is already Joker-like, and such a bright red only accentuates that.

Beyonce. A friend suggested that this is probably a House of Dereon special, and I have to agree. It's so beauty pageant. And although I have heard some people saying her boobs looked great, I have to disagree. They don't look at all natural here--this is bringing up images of female bodybuilders. I doubt that's what Beyonce was going for. And speaking of beauty pageants...

Vanessa Minnillo. First off, what was she doing at this show? Was she interviewing people for MTV? It doesn't appear to be the case, but otherwise, her presence makes no sense. More importantly, who styles this girl? Everything she wears screams "cheap beauty pageant." It's always a shiny satin and looks like it is made of lycra (see these links for similarly ugly dresses she has worn of late).

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