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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Like a cockroach

Project Runway spoilers ahead:

Well, I guess my happiness at seeing Vincent go home last week was short-lived. Every week Heidi says that there will be rewards for winning a challenge that will be revealed later in the show, and I have never really paid attention or wondered what the reward would be. Well, this week we found out: everyone who won a challenge and was later eliminated was invited back to the show for this episode. If the previously-eliminated contestant won this week's challenge, s/he would be back in. But if s/he didn't win outright, s/he would be sent home. Again.

In light of this reward, Angela and Vincent were invited back for this episode. I was surprised to realize that the only challenge winners up until this point were current contestants, Angela and Vincent. Well, and Keith, but I guess the reward for winning a challenge doesn't count when you are disqualified. It would have been great to see Kayne's reaction had Keith returned. Of course, I never felt Keith should have won that first challenge, since all he did was use a sheet to make his dress--it would have been great if Robert had won that first week and been able to return. Oh well.

Sometimes I feel that, becaue of editing, we don't get a real idea of who is liked and who is disliked by the other contestants on the show, but I think it was pretty clear that Angela really was universally-disliked. When Heidi invited her back onto the stage there was just dead silence. No one looked happy to see her. I imagine if Robert or Alison had walked in, everyone would have been clapping and smiling (even if they were actually upset because of the added competition).

The challenge this week--design a cocktail dress using only the colors black and white, and you must use all of your fabric, including the scraps. The results: generally okay, except for Jeffrey's hideous homage to the '80s. (Or, as he sees it "rock and roll," but really--thigh-high leggings? That's the '80s, even if leggings are allegedly making a comeback. I say allegedly because I have yet to see anyone walking the streets in them. Well, anyone other than overweight women pairing the leggings with oversized Looney Tunes tee-shirts.) Angela's design was pretty awful--the collar looked like a torture device--and Vincent's design was certainly nothing great, which sealed their fate for a second time.

And in the end it was no shock who went home: poor, glitzy Kayne. He tried really hard to design something sedate, and I thought it was actually really cute. But I think it came down to the fact that the judges didn't want to eliminate Jeffrey (despite the clear ugliness of his design), because they think he has more potential. And so Kayne was sent packing. I'll miss the glitter!

As for the winner--Laura finally pulled one out. Personally, I did not see the appeal of her dress. In fact, I would have kicked her off before Kayne! It just seemed kind of boring and already-done to me. At least the back of Kayne's dress was interesting, as was the cut. But Laura's seemed very basic and blah. Perhaps it looked better in person? The judges really were all over it, complimenting its "youthfulness." I was a little surprised and would have given the win (again) to Michael.

So it looks like we have the final four that I predicted. I definitely think Michael and Jeffrey are going to the finals. I know I called Uli as the third finalist last week, but now I'm not so sure. The judges really seem to be getting bored with her aesthetic. I think she or Laura can really save themselves by designing something great next week. But if they are both kind of mediocre, I think Laura goes home. I hope so, at least. Otherwise we will be forced to watch a lot of really low necklines, long sleeves with cuffs and fluffy collars.

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Blogger Laura Ingalls Wilder said...

Team Michael!

9/14/2006 1:48 PM  
Blogger Laura Holt said...

You haven't seen real people in leggings?!?! Lucky. I've been seeing them all summer. TONS. It's a young look, and I have to admit that with constant exposure my distaste has been blunted.

9/16/2006 7:52 AM  

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