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Monday, September 11, 2006

Are you ready for some . . .

football! First, let me note that I am a bigger baseball fan than football fan, but there is something exciting about the start of football season. And with Jeter and co. destroying Baltimore yesterday, the Yankee game offered little to divert my attention. But some thoughs/pet peeves:

1. The rules governing/decision making of TV executives continues to befuddle me. It is my understanding--and someone correct me if I'm wrong--that the NFL here in DC is obligated to show Redskins games and cannot cut away from them even if the Skins have a huge lead/deficit. The networks are not, however, obligated to show Ravens games (and frequently don't) and they are allowed to cut away from them if they are lousy games. So what happened yesterday--we had one utter blowout (involving the Rames) and one minor one in the 1pm games. The Ravens/Bucs game was simply horrible and yet CBS stuck with it. (And a major thumbs down to CBS for not showing all NFL games in high def--come on, it's time.) And it wasn't like there weren't several close games that they could have switched to--Pats/Bills or Jets/Titans would have worked. But not until the 27-0 stinkeroo was over did we get the Jets/Titans game. And then because it was 4:15, THEY DID NOT SHOW THE FINAL FEW PLAYS OF THE GAME when the Titans were trying to tie the score. Instead, we see Greg Gumbell and company essentially providing play by play. Can someone tell me the point of this rule if there is such a rule? Anyone?

2. The only thing worse is when I spend 3 1/4 hours watching a game only to have the network leave it in the closing moments for a commercial and Redskins kickoff. This happens at least once a year, leaving me wanting to file suit. (I have left several irate messages for FOX execs the past several seasons.) I have been told from a very high source that the network is not obligated to do this but nonetheless decides to punish the fans who have dedicated much of the day to a game they care about only to miss the end. (I wouldn't beef if the earlier game was already decided, but this has happened in games where a team was trying to win or tie in the closing minutes.) It is infuriating and wrong. At worst, can't they do a split screen?

3. Please tell me that the ref who called the offensive interference penalty on the Giants last night is fined, fired, or getting lasiks today? Please.

4. Finally, the Colts ain't winning the super bowl with that defense and running game. Peyton looked great but he always does as long as it is before New Year's. We'll see what happens as the days get shorter.

As DC shuts down to watch the Redskins tonight, I am most looking forward to the game for Mr. Tony.

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Blogger greebs said...

Your question about football - it's not a Redskins or Ravens thing, it's what they deem the local game. When the Skins aren't playing, that's likely to be the Ravens, and therefore it gets that treatment.

It's preposterous and stupid, but so is the fact that games that don't sell out get seen everywhere but locally.

9/11/2006 6:18 PM  
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