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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Waiting for number three

Britney had baby number two on Tuesday morning. And contrary to all of the reports of her buying a ton of pink clothing, this one was another boy.

I didn't realize he was born two days before Sean Preston's first birthday. I know everyone rips on poor Brit for how close in age the two are, but my brother was born four days before my first birthday. It's cost-effective--Britney and Kevin will always be able to do what our parents did and throw one birthday party for the two kids at once.

Strangely enough, reports are saying that Lynne (Britney's mom) and Jamie-Lynn Spears (Brit's sister) were the only two people (other than medical personnel) present for the birth. Ummm...what about Kevin?

I think most people forget, but Britney was well on her way to losing the baby weight when she got preggers again. After only three months she was looking really good--I remember being shocked, because I never thought she would be thin again. Since she got pregnant again so quickly, and quickly put on the pounds, it's easy to forget. I bet her body bounces back in short order. And that she waits awhile before number three. I hope.