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Monday, August 28, 2006

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

SPOILERS! So quite a night for Ari Gold--he wins the Emmy only to get fired by Vince! If you were to wager on what next for Ari, would you guess that (1) he is off the show when it returns next spring or (2) he is back with a vengence to return Mr. Chase to his stable of clients. It's a tough one, but I'm going to have to go with number 2. And a tour de force performance (as usual) from Mr. Piven last night. I don't think I'd ever seen a Japanese internment joke before, but it was damn funny. As was Lloyd's reaction--"I'm not Japanese." Lloyd has actually developed into a fantastic foil to Ari and not simply a punching bag. It makes Ari's abuse of him all the funnier and makes Lloyd a more three dimensional character. Kudos all around.

And who woulda thunk that Drama would be the smartest of all of the entourage on what Vince should do (leaving aside his 40 point scale for rating the agencies). He was logical, methodical, and, in the end, right (even if they dumped Ari (for now)).

Finally, I fear that we have seen the last of Bob Ryan. I did recently learn that (1) Robert Evans may sue HBO for Ryan's portrayal of "him," and (2) Evans allowed his house to be used as Ryan's. How about them apples? But what if I told you that I had a script in which Ari and Bob reunited and were able to get the Ramones movie made starring Vincent Chase. Is that something you'd be interested in?

Until the spring!


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