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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

No longer crazy in love?

I know I was on vacation for a week, but I felt really out of the loop when I was on Us Weekly's website and noticed a photo of Beyonce and Jay-Z taken two days ago with the caption: "Beyonce and ex, Jay-Z, leave New York's Bar Pitti after dinner with singer Rihanna, rumored to have caused the breakup."

Beyonce and ex Jay-Z? When did this happen? Last I heard, there were marriage rumors. So I had to do some digging.

From what I can tell, in mid-May [mid-May?! How did I not know this?!] Beyonce apparently got very angry with Jay-Z at at Nets game (Jay-Z has an ownership interest in the team) because he received a 15 minute phone call from singer Rihanna.

Then on June 10, Social Rank (a website) reported that they had broken up because Jay-Z lacked the maturity Beyonce wanted in a relationship. Similarly, on June 26, a website called "The Bosh" reported that Beyonce realized she needed to be with someone more adult and supportive than Jay-Z. Which...huh? Beyonce is 24. Jay-Z is 36. They have been dating since she was 21 (or maybe even 20--it is unclear when they officially started dating). But okay, maybe she needs to date someone pushing 50 next time around.

But then, signs of happiness as they performed together on June 25 at Radio City Music Hall and dueted again two days later at the BET awards.

And now this throw-away statement from Us Weekly. So what's the real story? Split or together? I have to admit I'm really confused. Why hasn't Us reported on this before? How could this be going on for two months and a pop culture junkette like myself has no idea? I definitely need more information on this one.



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