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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Endless Summer?

While summer officially begins some time between June 20 and 22 each year, the unofficial start has seemingly always been Memorial Day (although I am aware that at least in Kentucky, you can wear white as of Derby Day). But thanks to Hollywood, the start of summer keeps getting earlier and earlier with the commencement of the blockbuster season. (I am a much bigger fan of the December "quality" releases, but I enjoy my share of blockbusters.) The Star Wars movies were always released on the Wednesday before Memorial Day, but, as of late, the start of the summer movie season keeps moving up. This year, M:I-III came out on May 5, and Spiderman 3 is coming on May 4, 2007. Pretty soon, the whole year will be summer time. (Of course, I guess that's the premise of An Inconvenient Truth, which I really have to see.)

More importantly, the Spidey 3 trailer is up here, and hopefully it is close to as good as the first two which were fantastic movies for the genre. I don't see a ton of superhero films, but I really enjoyed both installments of this series, and, for what it's worth, it is a damn good trailer.



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