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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Ride to the Top

SPOILER ALERT. So Vince, E, Drama, Turtle, and Ari have ascended to new heights. Vince is the biggest star in the country, and the boys are celebrating at Mastro's in Beverly Hills in fine form. (Mastro's is perhaps the best steakhouse in LA, and I happened to run into E dining there last year. He was not, however, with Sloane (who has disappeared from the face of the earth). Very subtle placement for Mastro's as you could see the name on a menu as the boys walked out and on Turtle's doggy bag.) And, now, the Aquaman roller coaster at Magic Mountain. But as the boys literally and figuratively reach new heights, will they come crashing down and will Ari puke everywhere? Two likely causes for a downfall.

The minor one--the Dominator. Another "friend" from the hood who makes Turtle seem like Mr. Rogers. A petty criminal (if not more), a pig, and a leech (too bad Kato Kaelin couldn't play him). He is amazingly Vince's new security director even though the other 3 recognize that he is nothing but bad news.

Which leads into the major one--Vince himself. That Vince can't see what a problem Dom is is emblematic of how much he needs E and Ari to guide his career. He certainly knows how to schmooze and his speech before the opening of the Aquaman ride was perfect, but it could quickly get screwed up. I don't see him jumping up and down on Oprah's couch (although if he and Mandy got back together, who knows), but there is definitely the chance for a mighty fall. And what is drama without trials and tribulations. (Heck, Drama himself offers lots of that.)

So as opposed to last week, we actually had some serious plot development, but we also had those great touches that make the show work so well. Young 21 Jump Street! (I can still hear Dennis Miller on SNL just saying "Depp! Grieco! Grieco! Depp!" over and over when the "original" was in its prime.) And don't you want Ari just to crush the young punk.

FYI, Isaac will be on vacation next week, so his thoughts on Entourage will be delayed. Probably a two-fer early the following week. Hope y'all can handle the wait.


Blogger Red Fraggle said...

Young 21 Jump Street was my LOL moment. I watched the last two episodes together back-to-back and really enjoyed them. I really wish Entourage were a one-hour show.

6/27/2006 2:09 PM  

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