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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

You're Hire . . . I really don't care

As those of you who pay attention know, only Red Fraggle and I actually watch the Apprentice. And neither of us are very sure of why. Well, last night was the penultimate episde where we get to see the two finalists--Lee and Sam--begin their extremely difficult final tasks and experience awful perils. This year I find that I really could care less who Trump hires.

I want to like Lee, I really do, but he is so young, does some really dumb stuff--the way he assembled his team, his lack of preparedness--it just befuddles me. (I did enjoy the laugh Trump and Carolyn had when Lee selected Pepe to be on his team, and they had no idea who he was because he had been fired in week 2.) Of course, if Trump says to him "you're a politician" one more time, I think I'm going to throw up. The project could be a total disaster. Why didn't he meet with Dennis Leary? Why didn't he find out (1) how they raised money in the past and (2) how much they raised. I assume this fundraiser had been very successful previously.

As for Sean, what a pompous doufus he is. He is so smug and thinks he is so brilliant and yet he does stand up to numerous other contestants in prior iterations of the show. I actually like the English, but he is a total twit. His whole thing with Tammy is just pathetic (it looked like he was planning their wedding as he was wasting his time selecting appetizers), and while he assembled a better team than Lee, it too is majorly flawed: Andrea is an egomaniac (who is ill!), Tarik has been a lose cannon from day 1, and Tammy is too involved with the boss. I imagine he'll win, but so what.

Again, why do I watch? (To quote George Costanza, "Because it's on TV.") Thankfully, it is not on this fall, and will be back (in LA!) next spring. Whether I will be there remains to be seen.



Blogger Red Fraggle said...

I'm with you on all counts. The entire time I watched last night I thought to myself "how are these the final two?" It's totally ridiculous that this is the best they could get--last season's top two was so much better. Of course, the season before was weak as well.

And I agree that Lee is messing up horribly (although that woman from the Leary Foundation does not seem pleasant to work with), but Sean is just an idiot. I have never thought he has been strong at any point in this competition--he was a horrible speaker the one time he had to present and the only time he came up with any ideas was in the last challenge (fashion for Embassy Suites workers...and, speaking of--culottes? Allie and Roxanne deserved to be kicked off just for that, although if I were Trump I would have kept Roxanne for the final two).

Just all-around weak. It is starting to look like Sean is going to do a better job at this task than Lee, but the idea of him winning is just ridiculous.

I don't have a great desire to watch next season either. Although maybe I will, since it will be airing when there isn't much else to watch.

5/30/2006 2:30 PM  
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