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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Making America A Better Place

I realize this is a pop culture, and not a politics blog, but (must show patience) we will eventually get to the pop culture point of this post (along with a few pop culture asides). Let me start by making this as bipartisan as possible and asserting that if a plane crashed with Tom DeLay and Cynthia McKinney on board, our country would greatly benefit. But let's turn our focus to the wacko member from Georgia who pulled a Russell Crowe/Naomi Campbell on the Capitol Police by hitting one of its members with her cell phone. That her only supporters are (1) her lawyers, (2) Harry Belafonte (I love the Banana Boat song, but he has truly gone off the deep end), and (3) Danny Glover (proving that prolonged exposure to Mel Gibson can drive anyone nuts) says a lot about her. Supposedly, she and Nancy Pelosi do not even speak, and the Congressional Black Caucus has wisely stayed as far away from this latest mess as possible.

But back to the pop culture twist: Ms. McKinney was being interviewed by the (fairly dreadful) Soledad O'Brien this morning on CNN. (I know Soledad went to my alma mater, but she is none too good.) After McKinney and her two (2!) lawyers refused to say much of anything, McKinney called Soledad, "Sally Dan." I had to rewind it to make sure I heard it correctly (I do love the DVR). Quite a piece of work. I can only imagine her reaction if someone had butchered the name of an African-American the way she butchered Soledad's.

I never thought I would say this, but, Cong. McKinney, just follow the fine example set byTom DeLay.


Blogger Bailey Quarters said...

Gawker had a poll yesterday on the hottest anchor, and Soledad was winning. This is surprsing, to say the least, but I chalk it up to dislike of Campbell Brown and complete unfamiliarity with that other person.

This McKinney issue is such a minefield for Democrats. On the one hand, I think most people (and probably all people to the right of me, which is 90+% of the country) think she is a nutcase. On the other hand, I think that she and her backers are poised to exploit the idea that the Democratic party takes the black vote for granted.

4/05/2006 2:00 PM  

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