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Friday, March 10, 2006

Weekend Entertainment

Spring is in the air, and for this Junkette, that means it's time for a pedicure and a romantic comedy. I would have seen it this weekend anyway, but thankfully the NY Times gave Failure to Launch a decent review. Yippee!

Now, I know there are those out there who don't like Matthew McConaughey, or even more common, those that don't like Sarah Jessica Parker, but I'm not one of them. Can't wait.


Blogger Laura Holt said...

Apparently I wasn't the only one who was desperate for a little romantic comedy after this particularly grim winter movie season. Pretty good box office for this piece of fluff. It wasn't great, but I enjoyed it. There was a little bit with biting animals that I . . . didn't get. But I thought the supporting cast was very good.

3/14/2006 9:00 AM  

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