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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I am in a bit of a state of shock after watching Project Runway. When the winner was announced I just stared at the television, open-mouthed.

I thought that there was a clear worst collection in the finale--Chloe's. I didn't like how she used the same exact pattern material twice in a row, and both items were dresses. Actually, she did this with two different patterns at two different times in her collection. She also used the same bright Pepto Bismol pink color twice (the first time on an absolutely hideous concotion of billowing sleeves and balloon skirt). Someone complimented her seams (I think Michael Kors with Heidi agreeing), and they are very pretty. But maybe Santino was right--maybe she really is more of a pattern-maker. I believe Nina said at one point that the collection was very one-note, and she was right. All she did were dresses, except for one brown suit (which I liked best of everything, along with Diana's dress). It was monotonous, and I thought that the overly '80s feel was just too dated (no matter how "in" the '80s are right now).

I agreed that Daniel's collection didn't have a unifying theme, but there were a lot of very cute outfits that I would wear. I loved the white jacket, and there were a bunch of dresses that were very cute. It all looked very wearable. I would have declared him the winner, particularly because he showed a lot of versatility in the styles as well as the types of clothes he made. (I was shocked that Rebecca almost fell, though!)

I really liked Santino's collection as well. I thought he had some pretty outfits, and unlike Chloe I appreciated how he put a big gap in between the two dresses he had done in the same, pink-green-cream multicolor chiffon (or similarly airy fabric). The judges were so hypocritical to harp on him challenge after challenge for being too out there, using too many flounces and embellishments, and then criticize his collection for being too mature and safe. I thought he did the best job of sticking to a theme (and Chloe's "theme" of "my dream collection" doesn't seem like a theme at all), and I really loved his 13th item.

In the end, I thought Chloe was by far the worst, and when forced to choose between Daniel and Santino, I would have chosen Daniel (and I wasn't as huge a Daniel fan as most throughout this competition). I was really shocked that they gave it to Chloe, as was my boyfriend. I gasped, and then we both sat in silence for a minute. I still cannot come to a justification about her win.

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Blogger Laura Holt said...

I didn't think Chloe's collection was nearly as bad as Red did. The clothes looked terrible on the hangar, but I thought they looked remarkable on the body. They're not things I would ever wear, but I'm not a couture girl, so I guess I don't think that's such a big deal. Her final dress, that peacock blue number on Grace was absolutely stunning. I do wish her entire collection hadn't been made up of evening wear, but that was certainly a theme. The heavy satins that reappeared on every dress was enough of a unifier for me. I agreed with Heidi on the shrugs, but again, I thought that was a unifying theme.

I loved Santino's clothes until I heard the real judges' critique, and I think it was less that he was too safe, and more that he didn't take the extra step required in such a refined collection to make sure the clothes fit impeccably on the body. Of course, given the limits of the challenge (i.e. the 13th look thrown at them at the last minute and the fact that none of his models showed up for their fittings), that complaint, while justified in the real world, was more than a little unfair in this context. (Although Chloe's clothes fit her models amazingly well, so maybe I'm being too much of a Santino apologist.)

As for Daniel, I thought his clothes were pretty boring. The pieces I liked were pieces I could imagine finding at Banana Republic (i.e. that white coat that Red loved.) It was very American classic sportswear, which is great, but I think I expect more from a Project Runway designer.

So . . . all in all I'm not totally schocked with Chloe's pick. I wish that Santino had had a chance to fit his dresses, and I wish Daniel had done something a little more risky.

3/09/2006 7:34 AM  
Blogger Laura Ingalls Wilder said...

I was shocked that Chloe won. Wasn't expecting it at all. The only reason I can think she won is that they wanted a woman to win this year since Jay won last year. I'm always convinced that the producers think like that.

Her seams were nice and the navy dress Grace wore was beautiful, yes. But I would never wear any of those clothes. I thought the materials were heavy and ugly.

I thought Daniel's collection was safe, but also beautiful. His taste is impeccable, and I'd wear any of those pieces in a heartbeat.

Santino's collection was very good too. I liked most of it, and I think he's right when he says that he makes beautiful clothes. He does.

I too thought it was a close call between Santino and Daniel, and was surprised the judges went with Chloe. Sigh.

3/09/2006 9:20 AM  
Blogger Catheter Man said...

My theory about the heavily producer-influenced Project Runway is that they were going to make Chloe win no matter what so that 1) people wouldn't say that only gay men win on the show, and 2) she could be the first asian to win a reality show. Unless there is some obscure reality show that an asian has won and then you can just throw reason #2 out the window.

3/09/2006 5:47 PM  

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