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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Boys Rule on Idol

The women last night were either painful or forgettable and so not worth blogging about. Even the usual stand-outs like Paris and Lisa were pretty bad. And although Mandisa seemed to get the best reaction from the judges, I wasn't particularly blown away. The fast-paced songs from her don't do it for me; I prefer her singing the make-the-hair-on-your-arm-stand-up ballads. I prefer everyone singing ballads for that matter. Except Kevin Covais that is. Which brings me to the boys.

I thought the boys were a far cry better than the girls. Almost all of them were good. Except Kevin Covais. I just don't get it. I can't believe he is on this show. Not only do I think he is awkward to watch, but I don't even think he has a good voice. I'm completely puzzled about what he's doing in this competition and why the judges keep acting like he's remotely good.

As for the others:
1. Gideon - I really like him. He does talk really slow, though. I may also be biased because When A Man Loves A Woman was my wedding song.
2. Bucky - I thought he was pretty good. Not great, and he'll probably go home tomorrow, but I still think he has a nice raspy country rock voice. And he seems like a very good and genuine soul.
3. Chris - I thought he was pretty awesome. I'm a big fan of his voice. Though he's going to run out of those type of songs pretty quickly so he better be good at another genre too. Especially once it gets down to the final 12 and they make them sing a different genre each week.
4. Will - He's just so precious and I actually enjoyed his performance. And he is learning Japanese! Simon was particularly harsh to him tonight. Boo Simon.
5. Taylor - By far my favorite. I thought he was amazing tonight. Even with my eyes open.
6. Elliott - I can't get over how good his voice is. Not my favorite song choice, but I could listen to his voice for hours.
7. Ace - I guess it was good. I'm still deciding. In any case, he's really hot.

My predictions to go home:
Kinnik, Melissa, Kevin, and either Bucky or Will.



Blogger Red Fraggle said...

My absolute favorite part of "40 Year Old Virgin" was Steve Carrell's friend is going crazy because the Michael McDonald DVD plays on their TVs all day long. After watching him sing on a few television commercials, I can really empathize. So when I heard Tyler sing tonight and turned to my boyfriend saying "it sounds like Michael McDowell" it was not a good thing. I thought that Taylor was the worst performance of the night. I'm sure no one is shocked I thought this. I know the judges like him, so I closed my eyes again and really, really tried to see what they see. But I just could not.

Kevin really needs to go. I am so surprised that Simon doesn't pull his old "this reminded me of some child singing in a pagent" line, because that is exactly what Kevin is like.

I thought it was generally a decent night. I like Elliott a lot but really didn't like him singing "Heaven." The song is a power ballad--his rendition made Bryan Adams sound like a virtuoso. When you sing "Heaven" you really need to belt some notes out there. I think he is probably the best guy in the group, though, so I hope this performance doesn't eliminate him (although two of the judges liked it, so he'll probably be fine).

I didn't like Will's song at all, which really makes me so sad because Will is so adorable.

Chris was okay tonight, but I don't think his voice has enough power or range for this competition. His voice has a lot of gravelly notes and character, which is nice to listen to, but I think that the types of songs he chooses (harder rock) mask it when your voice isn't that great. He sounded sharp on all of the high notes to me.

Bucky may go home. I think he has a fine voice, but I think most male country singers have good range in their voices, and I don't think Bucky has that.

Gedeon--I agree with Simon--he has really grown on me. I think he needs to do a different style song next week though, or he will start to be pigeon-holed.

Ace's falsetto did not do it for me. I didn't think it sounded very good, and I don't think that being able to sing in falsetto is something impressive in and of itself. Sure, maybe it is difficult (not being a man, I don't really know), but if it doesn't sound good, it is worthless to me.

3/08/2006 11:41 PM  

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