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Thursday, March 16, 2006

The People's Champions

The post below about Ed v. Spencer reminded me of a show I watched a few years ago on FX called The People's Champions. Basically, the show consisted of really, really stupid competitions, like who could run the wrong way up an escalator with two shopping bags more quickly, who could sit in an office chair and make it roll the furthest, who could throw the most grapes into a plumber's butt crack and who could wear a large prosthetic ass and knock over the fewest number of things in a china shop while getting through it in the fastest time.

The entire show was done super-seriously, complete with a haughty British announcer and commentary such as "As our young judge sprints towards the phone like a fruit weasel down a trouser leg" during the competition to see who could throw a cell phone the furthest. Doesn't this sound like a show everyone would love to watch? So many of the challenges were office-related that I wonder whether I would have been crowned a People's Champion. I don't understand how the show could have possibly failed. I guess being aired late at night on the weekends on FX didn't help. Did anyone else ever watch? I loved that show.


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