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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol: Top 2

American Idol, final two. Okay, I actually like Kris a lot, but has there been a more obvious victor? Okay, Kelly-Justin and Fantasia-Diana were pretty obvious too. But regardless, I'm excited to see what they five us.

Adam Lambert. "Mad World." This was such a smart choice for Adam to make. Not only was this widely considered his best performance of the year, but most of the East Coast didn't even see it the first time around.

Kris Allen. "Ain't No Sunshine." I am not a fan of this song--at all--but I thought Kris killed it. I honestly think that might be the best I have ever heard that song sung, and I think this is the best Kris has sounded. I was really impressed with him, and I thought he sounded great on the piano too.

Adam Lambert. "Change is Gonna Come." I thought Adam did a great job with this. As for the judges: what is wrong with Paula's skin color? Has she voluntarily done that to herself? And Gobo wondered what the occasion was, to get Simon to get dressed up. He asked the question about ten seconds before Ryan pointed out Simon was "wearing buttons." And, shockingly, I actually found Ryan funny for those five seconds.

Kris Allen. "What's Going On?" It seems unfair for Simon Fuller to give Adam "Change is Gonna Come" and then give Kris this song. It's just inferior and is boring. I thought he sounded fine, but boring. It's a good thing he did so well on the first song. I hate that Randy's critique was about the song choice, and he made it sound like it was Kris' option.

Adam Lambert. "American Idol original song." God, I hate these. I hope they make them sing the same song. I hate the seasons where they give the contestants different songs. It was fine. He sounded good, but the song definitely wasn't great (not that we expected otherwise). Gobo thought Adam's performance was "very '80s." (Gobo is a big fan of the '80s.) Oh my god. I didn't realize Kara wrote the song. Yuck. I hope Simon rips the quality of the songwriting, because that sucked. Well...he did take a small jab. I guess it's something.

Kris Allen. "American Idol original song." Same crappy song. Kris is tiny. He is smaller than Ryan, and no one is smaller than Ryan. He sounds off-key at points. Oh well. And if Kara thought the song was too high for Kris, why did she write it that way? Kris must really be a nice guy, because not one of the judges had the heart to come right out and say he sounded awful (although it was pretty obvious).

You know what? I take back saying it was so obvious. Kris did a fantastic job on the first song. Adam is still the clear winner, but on that first song, Kris made it a bit of a race.



Blogger Laura Ingalls Wilder said...

Perfect recap Red Fraggle. I'm secretly hoping Kris pulls out the win. I think Adam has a superior vocal instrument as Paula would say, but I can't imagine what his record would be like. I'd totally listen to Kris' record (so long as that lame Kara song is not on it).

5/20/2009 1:34 PM  

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