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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Okay, first off, I'm really embarassed that I still watch Grey's Anatomy. I pretty much hate it, and I hate myself for continuing to DVR it, but I just have a real problem giving up on shows once I start them (see, e.g., Heroes). In my defense, Grey's is pretty much the last show I watch--I only turn to it when I have exhausted all other possibilities.

Last night I watched the most recent episode, and as the Meredith, Izzy or Christina would say, seriously? Spoilers ahead, but Izzy is dying, and so Meredith decided to allow Izzy and Alex to replace her and Derek at what was supposed to be their wedding. Okay, a little unconventional, but fine, I can buy that. But Izzy then fit into Meredith's dress? There is no way in this world that Katherine Heigl and Ellen Pompeo wear the same size. It was particularly obvious, because the ballgown dress was totally filled out on top. Was Meredith planning to stuff socks into her bra?



Blogger Corina said...

I still watch Grey's too. And I actually think this year hasn't been that bad (if you ignore Ghost Denny, which I do). I'm totally on board with Meredith finally acting like a grown-up, and the Hunt/Christina storyline is being NAILED by those actors. Really satisfying to watch them.

But I had the same response to the wedding dress. Ridiculous. Maybe we were supposed to ignore the evidence of our eyes and pretend that the cancer has made Izzy shrink? I mean, in real life, that does happen. Of course in real life, people who have brain surgery have THEIR HEADS SHAVED!

5/12/2009 1:58 PM  
Blogger Red Fraggle said...

And even if it made Izzy shrink, she was still looking pretty well-endowed in the chest area.

Good point about having a full head of blonde hair after her brain surgery. And I agree that this season has been a bit of a resurgence. But did they really need to name a character Arizona? Whenever I start taking her seriously, Callie says her name, and I stop.

And speaking of Callie, I get that her father has cut her off, so she's no longer loaded. But why is she totally, completely broke? She makes money at the hospital, right? I'm sure not a ton, because she's still a resident, but something. And unlike most of her peers, she doesn't have student loan debt. And she lives with a roommate and is about to graduate from her residency. So surely she's not as destitute as she's making out.

5/12/2009 2:02 PM  

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