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Thursday, September 04, 2008

JMac's Spread

So, first, the important thing: Giants 16, Redskins 7. After watching that impressive performance, I turn to McCain's speech. He had his moments, he handled the idiot protesters well, but it was a fairly disjointed speech and leaves him wide open to the point that he and the GOP offer little in the way of policy. (They do like to distort Obama's plan, however.)
More importantly, the opening visual struck me. After McCain got slaughtered for his ridiculous performance the night Obama clinched the nomination and, in particular,his standing in front of a green backdrop, it happened again. Now here it was grass, and when the full visual was revealed, it led to Mrs. Bartender's line of the night: "Is that one of his houses?" That's all for now.
Update: As was subsequently reported, the picture was of Walter Reed Junior High School in Los Angeles. It seems a staffer meant to put up a picture of Walter Reed Hospital in Washington but screwed up. Heckuva job!


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