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Monday, July 21, 2008

Help For Your Thinning Scalp

As the two readers of this blog are aware, I am a big baseball fan. This includes purchasing the MLB Extra Innings package which enables me to watch virtually every game including, most importantly, those of my New York Yankees. About a year ago, I started seeing a commercial for a product to help those of us with thinning hair. No, this is not an endorsement. Instead, this is just an encouragement to watch the ad, linked above, featuring Mr. Giuseppe Franco.
The picture above does not do justice do this man who resembles an aging Derek Zoolander with too much plastic surgery. The first time I saw the ad I thought it was a fake, particularly when the celebrity client at his Beverly Hills salon that appears in the commercial is none other than the legendary Gary Busey. Every time I see the ad, I get a chuckle (just like when I drive past the "George Bush Center for Intelligence" on the GW Parkway; it's the CIA HQ named for Bush 41 in case you were confused). Next time I'm in LA, I am going to need to stop in at Franco's salon. If I meet him, I'll be sure to post a report.


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