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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Attention, CNN: Don't Criticize What You Can't Understand

Okay, we've been way too quiet for a while, and I just wanted to put up a short post on the CNN created controversy of the day. (With the economy tanking, this is thankfully getting little play.) CNN.com has a link up to a discussion about what it calls Saturday Night Live's "Palin Incest Spoof." If, however, they actually watched the entire skit, CNN would understand that the point of it was not to attack Palin but to mock the New York Times and the mainstream media for knowing nothing about Alaska and being willing to say anything about Palin. Heck, Kathryn Jean Lopez, a crazy right winger at National Review Online, liked the skit, writing that Al Franken, who contributed to the opening skit attacking McCain, "has my apologies if he had anything to do with the New York Times skit." She got the joke (such as it was), and CNN didn't.

The biggest problem with the skit (and with the opening skit about McCain for that matter) was that they weren't very funny. Neither of them. I may have more sympathy with the skit that opened the show on a political level, but it wasn't that good and neither was the one attempting to skewer the Times. In fact, the only very good SNL skit in the first two episodes has been the Tina Fey as Palin skit.



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