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Thursday, April 17, 2008

If you are my friend, please stage a television intervention

I really need help. I watch Big Brother three days a week. There is nothing redeeming about this show. Often I watch something that is bad because it's campy, or because it's so bad it's actually awesome. But Big Brother is not these things. Big Brother it sucks. It features a contestant who might be the dumbest woman ever who has named her and her allies "Team Christ." When something goes right for her she praises Jesus over and over and over and over and.... It's incessant. What's more, her enemies are called "The Evildoers." I'm not kidding here. And she doesn't say "the evildoers" with any irony. Hell, she doesn't even say it with one iota of political or popular culture awareness.

It also features a 46 year old woman who is constantly crying about how she is doing this all for her teenaged son. If you're a parent, is this really your scheme to make life better? Because if so, that's pretty sad. What's more, she likes to talk, a lot, about her crush on last year's winner of the show, a middle-aged tattooed, dirty, annoying, Motley Crue roadie-wannabe who calls himself "Evil Dick." And she has the oddest horizontal stripes on her neck. It's almost as if she went into the tanning booth 80 times while wearing sunscreen only in the skin creases of her neck.

The producers create stupid challenges for the contestants, including one that required the contestants to vote on whether they were willing to accept a deal in which they got some sort of food for the week (I think peanut butter) but the women had to wear their bathing suits everywhere all week. Don't be surprised that peanut butter and bikinis were the unanimous choice.

I am honestly embarrassed for myself. Please help.



Blogger Samantha Baker said...

Wow. That is a train wreak. Maybe it's like reading the Weekly World News (RIP, sadly)? I thought Amazing Race: Family Edition was bad but this sounds much worse. My condolences.

4/17/2008 6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then stop your whining and stop watching. Get a real life and get off your ass once in a while. It's even more sad to read what people write about people that are actually putting themselves out there for people that never leave their house and like to talk shit. Trust me when I say, we are the ones who feel sorry for you and the likes of you.


4/18/2008 12:07 AM  
Blogger Corina said...

So, WHY are you watching this? I don't understand. I mean, I watch bad TV, but I usually know what appeals to me about it. (See Kyle XY. Love that show because I've gotten sucked into caring about the not fabulously written or acted characters. I want Laurie to date Stephen's TA! I want Jessie to have friends!) If you're honestly not enjoying anything about it, why can't you turn it off?

4/18/2008 9:56 AM  

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