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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol: Seven Remaining

I am totally excited about Mariah Carey night. I'm sorry, but I am. Before turning on the episode I told Gobo it was Mariah night and said "I hope someone sings 'Vision of Love.'" Gobo, however, had no idea that Mariah has made a comeback--he was like "it's sad to ask, but is Mariah even a big enough star to warrant her own night on American Idol?" I explained that she has had a rebirth.

David Archuleta. "When You Believe." Ugh. At least we can get him out of the way early. I'm sure this is yet another song everyone else will love, but (no shock here) I don't. And I have never heard this song before, which is odd because it's a Whitney/Mariah duet. I really find him boring and without any genuine feeling. I feel like he's just singing words while acting in a way that he thinks people act when they are passionate about a song.

Carly Smithson. "Without You." I thought she sounded great on the low notes, but, although the higher parts were okay (if a little flat), Mariah goes up another octave at the crescendo, so it lacked the same amount of variation and excitement at the end of the song.

Syesha Mercado. "Fantasy." I thought she sounded really good. Gobo "didn't like the runs at the beginning," but he thought it got better at the middle. I don't get Randy, though. Telling her that this was the most difficult song of the night as well? I believe that's pretty much an oxymoron. Or as Gobo said "Models, Project Runway is also a competition for you as well."

Brooke White. "Hero." Mariah wrote "Hero?" I didn't know that. I'm not shocked Brooke is singing this, but really--I love Brooke. Gobo thought the song was a bad fit, and I agree that although she didn't sound bad, it wasn't great. And Paula, Paula!, was right about how it got faster at the end. Regardless, we still love her, and Gobo wants her to win.

Kristy Lee Cook. "Forever." I'm sick of Kristy too. How can you "want to emotionally connect with the song?" Can one work on an emotional connection? Shouldn't that be something that comes naturally? Or is it now a skill? As for Kristy, I think she actually sounded good the last two weeks, but I don't think she managed it tonight. I really wish the Idol hairstylist who works with her would come to DC to work on my hair.

David Cook. "Always Be My Baby." I guess David couldn't find a rock version of any Mariah's hits, because this was really awkward except for the last part. And Paula gives him the "compliment" that it could be on a soundtrack. I don't get the judges and their complete love of it.

Jason Castro. "I Don't Want to Cry." Sometimes I wonder if Jason would be happy if he were a member of the Jonas Brothers. Mind you, I have never heard the Jonas Brothers, but I kind of get the feeling that they are a grown up, earnest, Hanson. And for all his dreds and hippie sensibilities, I wonder if Jason would jump at that chance. This performance reminded me of all of those questions. Sorry Bailey, I'm sure you'll be disagreeing. Paula seems to proud when Simon agrees with her, like she won a prize or something.

Okay, no "Vision of Love?!?!" Seriously contestants. I'm betting it will be in tomorrow's group sing, but I'm not at all happy about this.

Best of the Night: Ummm...eh. Syesha?
Worst of the Night: Kristy.
Going Home: Carly



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