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Monday, August 20, 2007

Super Good

Sorry for being away for the past few weeks, but it is August.

Mrs. Bartender and I did a double feature on Friday night. We started with Superbad, and we were not disappointed. I would place it as the best of the 3 Apatow films (above Forty Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up) and boldly state that it has a chance to enter the pantheon of high school movies (along with, among others, Fast Times and Dazed and Confused (with which Superbad also follows a day in the life)). As good as Jonah Hill is, Michael Cera's dry comedic touch is more difficult and brilliantly pulled off. While Mrs. Bartender pointed out that he was basically reprising George Michael (from what I will always refer to as the late, lamented Arrested Development), he is so good at it that I don't subtract any points. I am confident that his range will expand in the future. And, as many others have said, McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) steals much of the movie.

Two criticisms: One, I thought that some of the cop scenes could have been cut. Sure, I know that Seth Rogen co-wrote the movie, but the Washington Post described his appearance playing one of the cops as a "cameo." They need a dictionary. Second, I thought that the use of a certain bodily fluid was merely an attempt to up the ante, was beyond unrealistic, and was simply gross. That said, it is an excellent film.

Following Superbad, we hit Death at a Funeral. As a caveat, it was probably a mistake to see another comedy. While it had some very funny moments, it was nothing more than fair in my book. I doubt it will leave much of an impression a few months from now.


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