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Monday, April 30, 2007

Nobody's Safe

SPOILERS. Since the re-start of this season of the Soprano's, it is clear that (1) everyone close to Tony is in danger from Tony and (2) everyone close to Tony has reason to possibly get Tony. The victims/suspects:
  • Bobby. He is facing problems with his poorly executed hit in Montreal and has reason to turn on Tony for forcing him to perform this hit.
  • Christopher. The growing mistrust between him and T was epitomized by Cleaver.
  • Paulie. He thought Tony was going to have him join Big Pussy last week, and he had good reason for concern.
  • Junior. He has wanted to off Tony since season 1, and Tony has reason to get him for trying (accidentally) to kill him. I'm not sure he is in any condition to try, but Livia was in a home as well when she tried to get her son.
  • Hesh. Didn't see that one coming, but last night, he clearly saw the animal that is Tony Soprano and was rightly scared. (Although Tony in his own sick way saw the immorality of killing Hesh or simply not paying his debt; of course, the manner of repayment--with his condolence call--is hard to fathom.)
  • Phil. Obviously. (Have to give kudos to Nancy Sinatra for her cameo last night, something that never would have happened had the Chairman of the Board still been alive. NB: Frank, supposedly, prevented Frank, Jr. from playing Johnny Fontaine in The Godfather.)
  • Carmela. While I don't see Tony killing her, I still believe there is something wrong with her after episode 1 (or whatever number it is of this season). Her fight with Tony last night was quite bleak.

Again, last night was more a build up for what is sure to be a violent conflagration in the weeks to come. The Vito, Jr. story provided (1) a picture of the life the next generation of these people have, particularly when they are not inclined to be mobsters themselves and their father is a known homosexual and (2) one of the most disgusting scenes ever on the show. And as bad as Tony's interaction with Vito, Jr. was, Phil's was infinitely worse.

No shock that AJ and his girlfriend/fiancee are not working out. Her look when discussing the wealth of Carm's relatives who bought the spec house was priceless. She clearly wants/needs money and is afraid that AJ can't provide it.

Finally, Tony's gambling seemed more of a device to show how out of control he is while providing a look at his financial position (not as good as one would think). Assuming Carm gets out of the show alive, the question remains what type of position she will be in financially. (And once again we saw that Carmella's ethics are as questionable as her husband's with her use of shoddy building materials and then selling the house to relatives! Tony's comment about killing their unborn child really hit close to home.)



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