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Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Dull

So, as I predicted in this space on Friday, the Colts defeated the Bears last evening in Super Bowl XLI. For a relatively close game, it was an extremely boring affair as the Colts were far and away the superior team or, perhaps more aptly, the Bears were far and away the worse team. Into the fourth quarter the most amazing thing was that the Bears were still within a single score of the Colts even though they had been thoroughly dominated. Rex Grossman could not have been much worse--two fumbles and two pathetic interceptions--and the Bears defense was completely unable to pressure Manning. As for Peyton, he had a good but not a spectacular game. I guess he deserved the MVP simply because there was no star for the Colts (other than Grossman) although an argument could be made for Addai. Manning did what he needed to, and his legacy is now secure among the elite quarterbacks as he now has his ring.

As for the commercials, with one exception they ranged from average to poor. The highlight: the clip of Letterman sitting on a couch with an unseen woman discussing how even though he's a Colts fan the important thing is that they are in love. The camera then pans back to see Dave on the couch with Oprah in a Bears jersey telling Dave not to talk with his mouth full. Very well done and very funny particularly in light of the often turbulent history between these two. That this ad was the evening's highlight says a lot. (Update: You can watch the ad here.)

Pitchers and catchers report in 2 weeks!



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