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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I am an avid sports fan, but I never fail to find it humorous when television stations play overblown, emotional songs at the end of a big sporting event. And I think that Fox's choice at the end of tonight's BCS Championship might take the cake.

The choice? Andrea Bocelli's "Con te partirĂ²" (or "A Time to Say Goodbye" in the U.S.). The combination of the operatic song and Florida linebackers leaping in the air is pure comedy. What's better? This isn't even the first time that the song has been used at the close of a championship game. Hell, it isn't even the first time the Fox has done so. Back in 2000, the network used it at the end of the World Series (unsurprisingly, I never saw this, as I turned the television off in disgust the second the last out was recorded).

I have to admit that I like the song. A lot. This embarasses me, but I can't help myself. By far the best rendition was Kenny McCormick's in "Quintuplets 2000."

In contrast to Fox's Bocelli choice, I totally loved ESPN SportsCentury's 100 year sports retrospective done in December 1999, to the tune of Aerosmith's "Dream On." It can be viewed here. Sure, it's overdone, but it is also almost seven minutes of some of the most memorable sports moments of our time. (On a sidenote, Gobo is of the belief that Aerosmith didn't actually write "Dream On," because it is so superior to every other song they have ever created.) Anyway, I would definitely recommend the ESPN video to any sports fan.

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