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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yes, I'm Still Watching Jericho

Bailey and I were talking yesterday about all the great TV shows out there, leading up to the embarassing admission that, yeah, even though it really doesn't fit in that category, we're both still watching every episode of Jericho. I've finally abandoned all hope that the show will ever be good, and yet, I still tune in every damn week. We all need to rage at stupidity a little in our life, and Jericho gives me that opportunity every week. And I love it for that. This last "cliffhanger" episode before the holiday hiatus (the show won't be back with a new episode until Feb. 21) was AWESOMELY bad.

AWESOMELY bad plot point #1: The stupidity of using that massive generator to power the bar's jukebox. Maybe I'm an idiot, but don't they need fuel to power that generator? This magic generator isn't solar or wind powered or anything right? And wasn't it just a few weeks ago that the townies were scraping together enough gas to keep the HOSPITAL's generator running for just a few more hours? What happened to the scarcity issue (not to mention the hospital's generator)? Did Jericho suddenly hit an oil well leading kindergarten teacher Heather to remember some cute refinery method using fertilizer and tap water that she saw on Bill Nye so they have an endless supply of gas? I know one of the pallets in the mysterious supply drop included fuel, but . . . how long could that possibly last? Especially when everyone in town is driving endlessly around in gas guzzling old pick-up trucks, apparently for the sheer joy of movement.

ABPP #2: Gracie's dead y'all. WOOOHOO! And the town is totally ready to lynch the man who allegedly committed the "first murder in Jericho in 30 years" because the following things don't count as murders in Kansas: (1) the death of the sheriff and his deputy(ies?) at the hands of escaped prisoners (it did happen outside of town limits), (2) the shooting of said escaped prisoners, (also outside of town limits, plus they were asking for it), (3) that guy in the mine who Mayor Grey (he of the quoted comment) just conveniently prevented from getting medical attention because he was bumming the other mine dwellers out (exigent circumstances dude, totally ok.) Of course, the man they're ready to string up didn't actually kill anyone, and has in fact saved the townfolks collective ass more than once. But he's BAD so he must die. If Jonah is actually off this show I'm going to be mightily disappointed. He's one of the few characters I actually root for.

To keep this from becoming as long as one of Red's posts on TAR, ABPP 3-5: Dale turning into a teenage vigilante to avenge the odious Gracie; Bonnie punishing her brother for hooking up with the IRS agent who's no longer an IRS agent (because the IRS no longer exists and therefore can no longer take the farm that Bonnie has apparently been running "on [her] own") (DUH Bonnie)) by herself hooking up with hoodlum Sean; and Emily the bland almost hooking up with Jake of the serial-killer blank affect only to be interrupted by the arrival in town of her fiancee as part of what appears to be a group of zombies.

Actually awesome plot developments: (1) Mayor Green is no longer mayor. Can't wait to see him in the role of opposition instead of town patriarch. If they bump off Grey or he ends up resigning and giving Papa Green is job back I'm going to be pissed. I want the fantastic Gerald McRaney as Papa Green grumping from the sidelines. (2) I kind of like Steamy. I've loved the actress who plays Mimi ever since she was on Another World back in the early 90s. I'm rooting for those two crazy kids.

In writing this out I've come to the embarassing conclusion that I'm going to miss this show while it's on hiatus. I've grown to love these idiots.



Blogger MrMotivation said...

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11/30/2006 8:44 PM  
Blogger MrMotivation said...

I have witnessed many great acts of courage, but none compare to these two Jericho viewers. It sounds like the show is rivialing the new William Shatner game show for content. What change from “save the cheer leader” to lynch the hero while playing the jukebox. The way it is described, it really does sound like Armagedon.

11/30/2006 8:59 PM  
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