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Monday, November 27, 2006

The Amazing Race All Stars: the dream becomes reality

Six months ago I posted about my dream for The Amazing Race All Stars, and lamented the fact that host Phil Keoghan had stated he didn't think it would happen for a long time. I guess Phil is just a big kidder, because it turns out that filming for an all star version of the Race has already begun!

And what's better are that the few teams mentioned as participating were already on my list of ideal teams to watch--specifically, Rob and Amber (arguably the best team to ever race) and Colin and Christie (incredibly strong competitors, although incredibly annoying) are confirmed as competitors.

Also great news: Jonathan and Victoria (The Most Annoying Team Ever) will not be joining us. Chip and Kim, season five winners, weren't invited back either, and although I liked them as a team, they didn't make my top 12 list (they weren't even among my three runner-ups), so I'm not crying. BJ and Tyler, the winners from last season, also didn't make the cut, but that doesn't bother me. They did make my top 12 list, but that was based on the fact that they finished in either first or second place (with the Frats, Eric and Jeremy, finishing right next to them) in basically every leg of the race. I'm definitely not sad that they weren't included, although I will be sad if Eric and Jeremy didn't make the cut.

One disappointing fact: David and Mary, aka Team Kentucky (the coal miner and his wife) from the current season, will be competing. I find it unfortunate, because they were a very weak team. I guess they were chosen because they were considered fan favorites, although I thought Mary was kind of annoying, and assumed others did as well. And if they think they are going to be able to make an alliance on All Stars with teams who will wait around for them to finish every task, as they did this season with the hapless Cho Brothers, I would recommend think again.

I hope that CBS releases some real information on who the All Star competitors are. For those too lazy to read my original post on the subject, my choices were:
1. Rob and Amber (season 7)
2. Eric and Jeremy (season 9)
3. Colin and Christie (season 5)
4. Team Guido (Bill and Joe) (season 1)
5. Kevin and Drew (the original frats) (season 1)
6. Emily and Nancy (season 1)
7. Lena and Kristy (The Mormon Sisters) (season 6)
8. Flo and Zach (season 3)
9. BJ and Tyler (season 9)
10. Rob and Brennan (season 1)
11. Danny and Oswald (Team Cha Cha Cha) (season 2)
12. Blake and Paige (season 2)

The Bowling Moms (Karen and Linda) (season 5)
Jill and John-Vito (season 3)
Tara and Will (season 2)

ETA: It gets better!!!!! According to this article, Joe and Bill (Team Guido!) will be competing, as will Jon-Vito and Jill. Not on my list, but competing, are Charla and Mirna (the little person and her pushy cousin--I was close to putting them on my wishlist, so I'm happy about this) and season 7 winners Uchenna and Joyce (I think they were the weakest team to ever win the Race, and they lacked charisma, so I'm not thrilled about their inclusion, but I'm not surprised, since Uchenna is now listed as a producer of the Race). I'm really hoping that they include season 1's Kevin and Drew--Team Guido definitely needs a foil. And it looks like Rob and Brennan (season 1 winners) won't be included, which makes me even more hopeful that Kevin and Drew will be. Rob and Brennan made my list, but only because I thought there would be some sense of loyalty in including the first winners of the Race. However, much like Chip and Kim and Uchenna and Joyce, they lacked charisma and I can definitely do without them.

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Blogger Laura Holt said...

I'm so excited about this. I LOVED watching Rob and Amber race, and have high hopes that given the awesomeness and relative difficulty of the current season, the Amazing Producers will pull out all the stops and make the All Stars really work.

11/28/2006 1:32 PM  
Blogger MrMotivation said...

I guess Romber needs a few more outings before the baby. I have to put down the tarot cards.

11/28/2006 8:15 PM  

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