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Monday, November 20, 2006

First as comedy, then as farce

The past 2 episodes of Studio 60 have focused on the small town of Pahrump, Nevada. (Like Red Fraggle and others, I have my issues with the show--it's hard to caremuch about these characters and the comedy just ain't that funny, but I have, so far, stuck with it.) The episodes argued that just because the town may be a small down doesn't mean its citizens deserve to be mocked and thought of as idiots. (As a judge, John Goodman showed just how savvy such a small town resident can be.)

Well, the government of Pahrump has attempted to prove Sorkin wrong, seeking to demonstrate that they are in fact bumpknis. According to CNN, the town council has passed an ordinance prohibiting the flying of foreign flags unless they are flown below the American flag. Not just dump but blatantly unconstitutional. Congratulations, Pahrump, on (1) showing your stupidity and (2) wasting your money on defending a law that is sure to be struck down. (To be fair, the ordinance only passed 3-2.) Memo to Aaron Sorkin: pick a better small town next time before it does everything in its power to prove you wrong.

Update: For an excellent discussion of the patent unconsitutionality of this law, Eugene Volokh, as always, is of great assistance.

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