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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Advisors? They're amazing!

I was just reading the Us blog, and they quote her talking about her trip with Posh Spice in Paris: “I’m having so much fun. . . . It’s amazing!”

Much has been made of Katie constantly saying that everything is "amazing," making her seem more and more like a lobotomized shell of a woman, instead of a young, promising actress in her prime. So by this point, isn't there someone out there telling her not to say things are amazing? We know she has an advisor--that Scientologist who used to follow her around everywhere. And surely she and Tom have about fifty publicists in their stable.

And yet she continues to say that things are "amazing." Hell, by this point she shouldn't even need an advisor to tell her to stop. As long as she can read, she surely knows that "it's amazing" has become a punchline for any joke about her. Is she being tongue-in-cheek? Is she laughing at us all? Or is she just this dumb?


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