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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Return of Rob and Ambuh

It looks like Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich are returning to reality television.

Amber first hit the small screen in Survivor 2: The Amazon, and Rob in Survivor 5: Marquesas (where he was called "Boston Rob" and fancied himself a latter-day Don Corleone). They then returned for Survivor: All Stars, in which they were the last two standing (Amber won). They got engaged during the finale. Following that they competed in The Amazing Race, and to date were one of the most dominant teams ever, although they were robbed of the win, ending up in second place. After that, CBS aired their wedding.

Despite all of this Trista-like fame, I really, really like Rob and Amber. I actually hated Rob when he was first on Survivor--he seemed like a dumb guy who thought he was much smarter than he actually was. And I wasn't a big fan of Amber either--she seemed weak-willed and boring (earning her the nickname "Ambore" on Television Without Pity). But the couple forever endeared themselves to me during The Amazing Race. Despite his chauvanistic tendencies during Survivor, Rob really seemed to respect Amber. Unlike many other Race competitors he had no problem with Amber carrying her weight during the Race--in fact, he expected it. Really quite refreshing for a male-female romantic couple on the Race. More importantly, however, they really seemed to love and respect each other. They never yelled at each other (so impressive--I can guarantee you if Gobo and I were on the Race there would be a lot of yelling, almost all coming from me), they never even got crabby with each other. They were kind and loving throughout the entire show. So now I love them. They really just seem like a normal couple who decided to take advantage of their surprising fame. I don't blame them; I'm sure I would do the same.

Their newest endeavor? A reality show in which they go to Las Vegas so that Rob can try to become a professional gambler while Amber "supports" him. I'm not sure what they mean by support--emotionally? Financially as well (she did win that million dollars for Survivor: All Stars after all, not Rob)? Although the idea of Amber taking what sounds like it might be a traditionally passive role isn't so appealing, I'm definitely going to give this a chance. Their relationship really surprised me on the Race and I am actually interested to watch more of it. Which is basically more than I can say for any other reality couple out there.

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Blogger Laura Holt said...

When I started reading this, I thought we'd read the same Televisionary post , but no. Apparently Rob has got more than one reality iron in the fire. The one on the Sci Fi channel actually sounds intriguing in a crazy way.

7/19/2006 1:17 PM  

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