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Monday, July 31, 2006

Mother of the Year

Dina Lohan is speaking out in support of her daughter Lindsay, Perez Hilton reports.

By this point, it's no secret that I do not think highly of Dina. But these quotes just solidfy why I think she is an opportunistic, superficial, irresponsible vulture living off of her daughter's fame (or infamy, as increasingly becomes the case every day).

"There is only so much a child can take. My daughter is a wonderful child. This [attention on Lindsay's partying] is too much."

"Maybe [the angry producer] has personal issues with whomever, and it came out with my child. I don't know him. I can't judge him. I don't think it was a smart thing to do to a young girl."

The emphasis is my own. I just find it so interesting that Dina seems to fixate on how Lindsay is only a "child" or a "young girl." As a child, shouldn't Lindsay have the benefit of the advice, support and responsibility of a parent? And by parent, I mean someone to tell your teenaged daughter (yeah, I know she turned twenty a couple of weeks ago, but this has been going on for quite awhile) that perhaps she should sit out the party scene every once in awhile, that perhaps she should keep her sexual exploits a little more private? How about someone who would encourage said teenager not to date men in their late 30s? Maybe express concern over her dramatic weight loss, rather than waiting for cast members of Saturday Night Live to do so?

Not Dina. Dina just accompanied her teenager to numerous Hollywood bars and parties, sitting by as her daughter got totally wasted, clearly more concerned with the next paycheck than her daughter's well-being.

And now she calls Lindsay a child?! Funny, because it seems like quite a long time since Dina treated her daughter as a child at all. There is no better example of a child who needs some guidance than Lindsay Lohan. Will she ever get it?


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