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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Doesn't play well with others

A friend of mine (Willis Jackson from our Celebrity Fantasy League) sent me this article from Entertainment Weekly that I had to share with everyone. It is a real stroll down memory lane, reminding us of some special individuals who were asked to leave the reality shows of which they were a part.

What's great about this is that I watched all but two of the shows highlighted (the two I didn't watch: Last Comic Standing and Temptation Island, although I do remember the ouster on the latter show).

It's too bad Stephen from Real World: Seattle was only forced to take anger management classes, rather than actually kicked off of the show. It's always good to be reminded of one of the more shocking moments on reality television, when Irene called him "a homosexual" and he chased after her car, opening her door and slapping her. (I can't find a photo anywhere!)



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