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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kyle XY

I'm really embarassed to post about this, but has anyone else watched this new summer show? It's on, gulp, ABC Family (I know!) and . . . I . . . kinda like it. It's about Kyle, this mysterious boy who wakes up one day in the forest, naked, with no bellybutton, no memory, no one looking for him, and no idea how to do anything. He's essentially a 16-year-old newborn, but a newborn who's wicked smart at mathematics and stuff, who can draw photographic perfect pictures of things he's seen, has awesome kung-fu skills, and who learns to talk pretty darn quick. (WARNING: 13-year-old girl moment ahead.) He's also got the most adorable dimples and very pretty eyes.

So, Kyle is taken in by a psychologist (?) and her family who learn to love him after he does all kinds of kooky yet ingratiating things, but there's some strange guy in a pick-up who keeps spying on them, and the family's son keeps making jokes (?) about Kyle being an alien . . . I really don't care about the broader mystery, because Kyle has those dimples, and the little family scenes are really cute.


Anonymous shortie said...

he is soooooooo hot!

7/07/2006 2:51 PM  

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