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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

McCartney Divorce

I don't know about everyone else, but I was pretty shocked to hear that these two are getting divorced. They just seemed, well, to actually like each other.


Blogger Laura Holt said...

You beat me to the punch! I logged in just about to post on this, but with the opposite thought. I'm not at all surprised by this break-up. I'm always cynical that relationships with this big of an age gap can work.

5/17/2006 10:36 AM  
Blogger Red Fraggle said...

From the time they first got together there have been rumblings of problems--Stella McCartney apparently hates Heather Mills and I think Paul's other kids were lukewarm. There is also gossip that she isn't very nice and might be a bit conniving.

However, I agree with Wilder--I thought they did actually like each other.

I feel sorry for Paul--he really loved Linda.

5/17/2006 10:46 AM  

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