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Friday, May 19, 2006

Defining "Miracle" Down

This is not at all pop culture related. But I just happened to be reading the business section yesterday and saw an article about the trial of Richard Scrushy, the former CEO of HealthSouth, who was acquitted of fraud charges. The focus of the article was Scrushy's wife, and her belief that God sent signs that they would win at trial.

These are the "signs" in question. First, Scrushy's lawyer used a metaphor about pancakes in his opening argument, and the government's star witness was cross-examined during National Pancake Week.
"That had to be God," said Leslie, who marked the week in the little red
Bible she carries. "I never even knew there was a National Pancake Week."

[A] series of uncanny events convinced Leslie that God was on their side. The day of the indictment, an inmate at Birmingham's St. Clair Correctional facility named Eddie Briskett, 41, in for life without parole on burglary and assault charges, sent Richard a letter. He would be acquitted, Briskett said. The Scrushys ignored these missives at first, but as Briskett made predictions that came true, they took him seriously. So did their lawyers, who paid Briskett a visit. "He thought we were in God's hands and would be protected," said H. Lewis Gillis, one of Scrushy's attorneys.

Briskett's most telling insight involved Formula 409. A few weeks before the trial,
Briskett called and suddenly said, "Do I smell lemons?" The children had just cleaned the kitchen with lemon-scented Formula 409. Then, the first government witness turned out to be a co-inventor of Formula 409. "That's got to be God," said Leigh Laatsch, a friend who was visiting when Briskett called. "Why would he pick up a lemon scent when he is on the phone?"

Um, is it just me, or are these people insane?


Blogger Laura Holt said...

It's definitely not just you.

5/19/2006 1:54 PM  
Blogger Isaac, your bartender said...

Sadly, from what I know about Scrushy and his unbelievable acquittal is that god did have something to do with it. As Wikipedia explains: "Scrushy moved his church membership to the Guiding Light Church, a predominantly African-American fellowship. He toured other black churches and left large charitable contributions from his foundation at every stop. He also started a religious-themed morning television talkshow called "Viewpoint" which he co-hosted with his wife Leslie. Prominent ministers were made frequent guests on the program. These actions were perceived by many as transparent attempts to curry favor with potential jurors in the Birmingham area. During the trial, many prominent ministers sat in the courtroom showing their support for Scrushy (his so-called "Amen Corner")." It worked. He has again been indicted so who knows what is next.

5/19/2006 1:55 PM  
Blogger Red Fraggle said...

Ummm...yeah. And if he had said "I smell lemons" and they HADN'T just cleaned, they would have been all excited because "Oh my god! We have lemons in the refrigerator! How did he know that?"

I wonder what this family is going to do for their good psychic Mr. Briskett?!

5/19/2006 1:55 PM  

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