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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance?

First, where's Wade Robson? I developed a mild obsession with him last season. He better be back. He did choreograph a group number in the first week, but I hope he comes back as a guest judge.

Okay, this week's top three:

  • Courtney and Gev -- I really liked their contemporary routine last week and this week's rumba was good too.
  • Chelsie and Mark -- really good. As with week one, one of the Tabitha and Napolean's routines was so-so and the other one was really good. Is it the performances, or do they only have one good routine in them? Also, you hear that song "Bleeding Love" like once every hour on Sirius.
  • Joshua and Katee -- I was worried about Joshua, but he was really good. He certainly doesn't have the typical body type for male dancers on this show.

Middle three:

  • Twitch and Kherington -- it wasn't bad, but they didn't "hit it" very hard, as they say.
  • Jessica and Will -- a few mistakes and they looked like they were thinking too hard, but I think disco is hard to pull off in this setting.
  • Kourtni and Matt -- I could definitely see the technique, but the costumes were really off-putting. It made the whole routine seem just ridiculous.
Bottom two:
  • Comfort and Chris -- I blame this on the choreography. It would be sort of nice to see the dances done by other people so you can see what the dancers bring (or don't bring) to it. Was anyone else bothered by the repeated use of the word "animalistic" in the judges' comments? Because you can't really do African dance without being animalistic apparently.
  • Chelsea and Thayne -- yuck. It was weird because the music did not seem to go at all with the dancing, which is pretty distracting. Also, they both looked uncomfortable.
(I would like to note for the record that the names on this show are ridiculous.)

Who's going home? I think Chelsea or Jessica and Thayne or Chris.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHERE IS WADE ROBSON???? Is he coming back? I crave his choreography and am only tuning to see a Wade Robson number. What happenedddddd?????

where are you, wade?

7/25/2008 7:46 PM  
Blogger Tulip said...

CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE tell me what happened to Wade Robson on So You Think You Can Dance.

I live for his routines. I'm crushed this season.

there is still Mia. But I miss Wade.

7/25/2008 7:47 PM  
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