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Monday, June 23, 2008

Road Trip: Day Two -- Drivin'

Saturday was a long day of driving -- through western Virginia, into Tennessee from Bristol, to Knoxville, to Chattanooga, down into Birmingham, Alabama, where I ate dinner at Dreamland Barbecue, and over to Tupelo, Mississippi.

Except for the last stretch, it was all on the interstate, so there is not much local color to report. Did you know that U.S. 78 is the "Appalachian Highway"? I didn't. A lot of bingo parlors on that road.

In honor of being in Tennessee, I ventured down into the country music portion of the dial -- yay Outlaw Country! I'm so happy to have satellite radio in my car. And, having driven about 1600 miles in the past few days, I'm finally able to distinguish some of the channels other than the 80s channel and First Wave.


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