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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Still Think I Should Have Won Again This Year

As you may recall, last year Time magazine named "you" the person of the year. Many of us were quite annoyed by this development. This year, Time has decided to go back to news and has named Vladimir Putin this year's "winner." As the magazine makes clear, this is not an endorsement of the man, but instead a recognition of his influence on Russia and the world.

Of course, some who are running for president are very upset that General Petraeus did not win and are declaring that "the mainstream media I think has just shown its hand." Yes, Governor Romney, the editors of Time are enthralled with President Putin and want a president who imprisons and tortures people and does not support free speech or dissent. Heck, I guess they only picked Putin over Bush because the former is more efficient at it. Next week, Time endorses Giuliani.


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