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Friday, January 12, 2007

Greetings from India

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, but I'm in India. Before I left (on Tuesday), I had all sorts of ideas for posts about (1) Gilbert Arenas (general awesomeness of); (2) Seasons 3 and 4 of the Wire (ditto); and (3) excellent meals I ate recently at El Chalan and Colvin Run Tavern; among other topics. But last minute errands took up all of my time, so you'll just have to use your imaginations.

Pop culture wise, I'm not sure that my time in India will provide much fodder for blogging, because I don't understand cricket. In yesterday's Hindu Times, there was an editorial about India's recent match with South Africa. Apparently, India was ahead after the first three days, but on the fourth day, conservative play led to their downfall. This editorial did not make me want to learn more about cricket.

Here's what I can tell you: on the flight from Dulles to Zurich, I watched The Last King of Scotland, which I highly recommend. Forest Whitaker has justly received a lot of praise for his portrayal of Idi Amin, but I also though that James McAvoy, who played the main character was quite good. I had seen him before in an ill-conceived updating of MacBeth on BBC America.

So, now I'm in Kerala, staying in a very nice hotel on the backwaters. And guess who previously stayed in my room? Paul McCartney and Heather Mills! I will try to post photographic proof if I can find a computer with a USB port. (I think I might have buried the lede on this one.)



Blogger Red Fraggle said...

I don't get cricket either. When I was in London for a couple of days Gobo and I caught the end of a match and were flummoxed. We then spoke to the British-born husband of a college friend of mine who was like "Oh, you watched cricket! It's a jolly good sport, isn't it?" We couldn't agree.

1/12/2007 12:02 PM  

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