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Monday, August 21, 2006

Let's Make A Deal (Or Maybe Not)

SPOILERS! So I found last night's Entourage both interesting as far as plot goes and very funny. Let's start with the least consequential part of the action--Turtle's hunt for limited edition Nikes. I understand that everything that occurred is based on fact. I, for one, don't understand the fascination with sneakers, but I guess this aspect of the show proves that Entourage is Sex and the City for men. I mean Carrie Bradshaw never spent $20k on a pair of Jimmy Choo's. (That I know what Jimmy Choo's are is frightening in and of itself.) Yet it is great that Vince spent the day hunting and then spending a fortune for sneakers while Ari and E were trying to get him a job and Drama, of all people, was actually acting.

As for the hunt for Vince's next movie, once again the fates seem aligned against Mr. Chase. This time Ari's decision to screw over Martin Landau (or at least keep him out of a meeting) led us to see that the old guy still had something in him (other than Sanka). Just when you thought he was going to ask to meet with Walt Disney himself (and not just the frozen body), he goes to see Alan Ross at Warner Bros., Vince's nemesis, who is none too sad to screw over Vince once again. Whether Ari can salvage Vince's career and Vince as a client probably won't be known when the season ends next week. (Do not dispair as Entourage will be coming back in March following the return of Tony and company.)

Finally, Drama. What can be said except that his relaxation technique--even if a rip off of Something About Mary (starring none other than Drama's real brother)--was classic as was his reaction when Ed Burns revealed the public nature of his activity. (On a complete tangent, last night Mrs. Bartender and I also watched last week's Deadwood, which is a great show, and I thought the writing was particularly sharp on that episode. I subsequently discover that not only did Al's henchman, Dan, write the episode, but he also played Warren (Mary's brother) in Something About Mary. He looks utterly different, and he is a fantastic actor.) So Drama not only had his moment of high comedy, but his career finally seems to have something more than Viking Quest. It seems only fitting to end this post with Victory. Until the season finale.


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