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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

David Wright: He's Just Like Us!

David Wright has a blog! So do Danny Haren and Jorge Cantu! Who knew?

I knew blogs were ubiquitious, but I was surprised that these professional baseball players have them. As a Mets fan, this just makes me love Wright even more.

I wonder how these blogs work. Does MLB clear all content? Do they have ghostwriters? It actually appears that the players themselves might have written these. Am I naive to think so?

It would be great to see one of these guys trashing opposing players and/or teammates in the blog, but somehow I doubt that is going to happen. Interestingly, Wright blogged about Barry Bonds, but didn't mention a word about the 'roids. Rather, he just said some stuff about how Bonds is a great hitter and that hitting that many homers is a real accomplishment. I have to imagine he is actually writing this thing, or at least working closely with those who do--I don't think MLB would just attribute thoughts about a player as controversial as Barry Bonds to someone like Wright out of the blue. He also blogged about teammate Lastings Milledge, but again, no controversy. Although as a Mets fan, that makes me happy.

For a minute I thought Haren had the potential to be a little daring when he wrote "I don't mean to sound cocky, but I'm probably the best hitter on the A's pitching staff." Then I realized he hadn't said he was the best pitcher on the staff, as I had thought, but rather that he was the best hitter. As a pitcher for an AL team, his teammates probably won't get too offended.

And I love that Cantu blogs about the World Cup! I'm going to have to add these three to my list of websites I visit regularly. Now if only they can get some reputed jerks, like A.J. Pierzynski or Jeff Kent, to write. Then we would have some good reading material.



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I realize that I'm a broken record on this subject, but if you had an RSS reader, you could just subscribe to the feed.

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