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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Disappointing Night on Idol

Sigh. After last week's A+ performances, I was so excited for last night's show. And, I mean, the contestants got to pick songs from the 21st Century! Um, well, the show sucked. With the exception of a few, who I'll discuss in a moment, the rest were as Simon would say very karaoke. (I realize this isn't in the order they sang, but hey.) Also featuring special guest comments (in red, of course) from Red Fraggle.

Lisa - I like her, I do, but her rendition of Kelly Clarkson's Because of You was sort of painful. The song was too big for her. She was so good during auditions/Hollywood Week - what happened? I totally agree. Gobo and I both said that the song was too big for her before Simon did. Boy, did we feel special. --Red

Bucky - Wheras Lisa's performance was sort of painful, I found this performance very painful. I just don't get who is voting for him. Agree. --Red

Mandisa - I felt like she was screaming the song and I just was not into it. Which is a shame because I usually love her. Agree! This must be a record, Laura and I agreeing so much. --Red.

Katharine - I thought she did a nice version of Christina Aguilera's hit, but there was something off/awkward about the performance. She doesn't seem to like being on stage, or something. She is very awkward on stage. Her smile is strange, and she just doesn't move around well. She looks like she has lost a little weight. And I thought Simon was wrong--Cristina sang the song far better than Katharine. --Red

Chris D. - I thought he was screaming and off-key. It was not fun to watch, and he looked MAD while singing. And that was scary. I actually thought that Chris sang a hard rock song well, and the one thing I said when he was done was "Wow, he really managed not to scream that." I thought he was the best of the night. Simon annoyed me. Up until this point Simon has been complimenting Chris on how "true to himself" and "uncompromising" he has been. I have been wondering why Simon didn't bash him for not getting outside of his comfort zone. But now it seems hypocritical to do so. Oh, and the whole conversation between Ryan and Chris about Live? How awkward. If Chris had given Live credit for the song in his taped speech last week, and AI had cut it out, as many thought might be the case, why couldn't AI just make that clear this week? Instead there was the stilted Ryan and Chris conversation. Weird. --Red

Ace - I didn't mind him. But that stare into the camera is actually creepy. As was the part in the song where he rubbed his scar. I thought Ace was horrid, he seemed off-key the entire song, and he's just really bad. "Drops of Jupiter" is a cheesy song, but Train's singer sings it really well. Ace did not. --Red

Kellie - Was it just me or did something seem totally off with her last night? She seemed depressed and her face looked different to me. I don't know what it was, but it was boring. Agreed. Although I didn't mind her as much as usual. I think she realizes the dumb act is getting old and is cutting it before there can be too much backlash. --Red

That leaves the only two I enjoyed last night:

Elliot and Paris. They were both original and fun and I'd vote for them if I ever voted. I liked Paris, although I wish she had chosen a song that showcases her voice. That Beyonce song was really not very special. As for Elliott, I was surprised that he chose a song that Bo sang last year. More importantly, Bo sang is SO MUCH BETTER. The entire time Elliott was singing I could remember Bo singing it, which I hadn't expected. Made me miss Bo, and it made me like Elliott a less.

By the way, LIW, I couldn't help but notice that you didn't mention Taylor! You love him, I hate him. But this week, I actually didn't mind him as much. I closed my eyes through most of the song, and I thought he sounded pretty good. And when I opened my eyes, it was nice to see him not jumping around like a maniac. --Red

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