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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Safe Doesn't Cut It

Apparently not on Project Runway anyway. For weeks I'd been thinking that Kara was dead weight, and then last night I felt so sorry to see her go. The dress she was wearing at the final challenge was adorable. Why couldn't she have designed something that interesting during the competition? It seems like she just got caught up in a feeling that to be a "designer" she had to fit in with what Daniel and Chloe do (simple, elegant) and lost what made her interesting: her funky, casual, sensibility. Adding a racer black to a black silk charmeuse evening dress . . . not quite enough to make her unique. And since when does every evening gown have to be silk charmeuse?? My god. Just picking a different fabric would have let her stand apart.

And am I alone in thinking that Santino actually thought he won the challenge instead of just scraping by? I thought his dress was interesting, and the pailettes, if used more judiciously were a really nice touch (i.e leave the beautiful skirt alone Santino!). Not a single other designer used any embellishment on a dress that was supposed to represent their collections, and that just shocked me.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Daniel V. will be the big winner...his designs are consistently well sewn and original, and the judges really like him.

Also, I love Michael Kors, but he either wears WAY too much self tanner, or spends too much time at the tanning salon...he's orange!

2/16/2006 12:00 PM  
Blogger Catheter Man said...

Santino DID win by getting "through to the next round" (as Simon Cowell would say). He proved that there is always a spot for the "good tv" designer in the finals of Project Runway, while totally calling out Michael Kors on his snotty, condescending tone.

Kara was dead weight that should have been jettisoned weeks ago. My only suprise was that she wasn't the Wendy Pepper of this group (the one with the least talent that the judges, nay, producers, put through to the finals for the sake of good tv.

Santino proved that he IS, indeed, smarter than the judges by being the outspoken, controversial, bitchy queer that not only says whats on his mind, but calls out everyone else on the show (including Tim Gunn, the effeminae homosexual).

Plus, as you said, he was the only one who actually took a chance (admittedly, an over-the-top chance) when showcasing his style. That should, and did, get him to where he wanted to be: the finals.

And when this show is over, I'm betting that Santino will be the one everyone remembers. If that is the case, he won. He won big.

2/17/2006 11:18 PM  
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