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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


American Idol always presents some great post-game opportunities. First of all, what was up with the zit cream that one of the Brittenum brothers was wearing throughout the first half? It's painful that the brothers keep making it through when we who follow the Drudge Report know their fate. As for the other contestants, I do love that Paris (though last night's wasn't her greatest performance) and I'm quickly falling for Mandisa, and I have high hopes for Katherine McPhee (what a sweet face). And that grey-haired dude, Taylor. Oooh - what was up with that movie about the cowboys? Random. And quick question that only die-hard reality TV fanatics will know - the girl who ended up switching teams, I think her name was Tyra (?), and who made it through the first set of cuts in the show but was in the losing room at the end of the show -- anyway, wasn't she in this season's Making the Band on MTV?! Speaking of which, anyone know what ever happened to this year's band - Aubrey, Aundrea, etc.? Haven't heard a peep about them since Diddy picked them.

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