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Thursday, December 07, 2006

A few words from the youth of America

After being laughed at for misspelling the word "adequate" in her eulogy for Robert Altman, you would think Lohan would have learned the correct spelling before firing off another e-mail that was sure to end up in the press. Alas, she didn't. But the e-mail that is floating around the internet today shows that it is more than just her spelling that is inadequite. Added to the list would be grammar, general coherence and a grip on reality. I really can't do the e-mail justice, so you should read it in its full form here.

I'm really not sure what she is saying. It appears she is angry with the press for making up lies about her, although she doesn't seem to know what these lies are, but is willing to find out. She also expects Hillary and Bill Clinton and Al Gore to help her in this crusade. At times it seems that perhaps she is thinking about issues bigger than what the tabloids say about her, but then I'm not so sure.

The ultimate irony is that she claims the purpose of the e-mail is "[s]imply to state my oppinions [sic] on how our society should be educated on [sic] for the better of our country." I think that sentence tells us everything we need to know about education in America.

One impressive aspect of the e-mail: it was sent from her Blackberry. And as a Blackberry user, I can tell you it isn't easy to type a ton on those things. Lindsay put a lot of words in that e-mail, so kudos to her for typing a lot.

But Lindsay isn't the only celebrity sharing her thoughts with us today. On her blog, Britney Spears has tried to explain her partying, letting us know that "[i]t's also been two years since I've even celebrated my birthday." Which would mean that she missed...one birthday celebration. Okay, then. Luckily, Britney tells us that "I'm just getting started" and wishes us all happy holidays. Indeed.



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