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Friday, October 27, 2006

No matter how hard I try, I just can't gain weight!

So Nicole Richie has checked into a treatment facility to "focus on nutrition." Because although she surely does not have an eating disorder, she just can't manage to gain weight. So she's checked herself into a program so that she can learn how to put on a few pounds. Because that's totally normal. Lots of people do that.

Right. Or, maybe she's back on drugs and she's back in rehab, and that's why she's been so skinny in the first place. But that would be crazy. Definitely can't be that.

What kills me about this story is the idea that she simply cannot gain weight. Some people really do have such problems. But I have trouble believing that someone who once looked like the photo on the far right would really have trouble gaining weight if she were really trying. (This is coming from someone who our friend Isaac once called "a chunky monkey." Now that I am no longer a chunky monkey I can tell you that I have no problems becoming one again if I really want to.)


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