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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Teri and Ryan? Um.

I agree that this kiss is tres awkward. I really can't imagine these two together. At all. Eek.


Blogger Laura Holt said...

So suspicious! I used to like Teri back in the days of Lois & Clark, but now . . . not a thing she does strikes me as genuine. The whole brouhaha with George Clooney was just tacky, and the recent Vanity Fair article . . . many people have already pointed out the unsettling juxtaposition of her on the cover in her panties with the article's reveal of a history of sexual abuse.

It just seems like she's trying desperately to cling to the renewed shot at fame that Desperate Housewives has given her.

3/30/2006 9:33 AM  
Blogger Bailey Quarters said...

Also, um, isn't Ryan gay? I'm seriously on the fence about this, because men from L.A. tend to throw off my gaydar (I think Diane knows what I'm talking about), but -- by East Coast standards -- gay.

3/30/2006 3:31 PM  
Blogger Red Fraggle said...

I think even by European standards, Ryan is gay!

3/30/2006 4:25 PM  
Blogger Laura Ingalls Wilder said...

Look how painful the kiss looks to him! He's definitely gay!

3/30/2006 4:44 PM  
Blogger Laura Ingalls Wilder said...

I meant to add that Mr. Wilder thinks there is sexual tension/chemistry between Ryan and Ace.

3/30/2006 4:44 PM  
Blogger Diane Chambers said...

Bailey, I know exactly what you mean about the sexual ambiguity of L.A. men. It's very confusing. They look gay, they sound gay, and then they date and marry female t.v. celebraties. Who knows? On the Ryan/Teri thing though, I just have no idea why you would be so public about it. They're clearly out to prove something in a very Tomkat way. Or maybe US was having a slow week and they paid the two of them to makeout on the beach -- I truly find that more believable than that these two actually have romantic feelings for one another.

3/30/2006 5:24 PM  

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